Three years waiting for Broadband service


I see that Minister Frank Fahey believes that the claims (most recently by Councillor Ó Cuaig) that nothing has been done to address the "broadband deficit" are simply untrue. (Fahey Lashes out at critics on Broadband: 2/6/2006) I welcome his interest in this topic as I am still waiting for the courtesy of a reply to an email in this matter sent to him and all the other public representatives in the Galway West area in February.

He trots out the figures as to how many have signed up for this service and advances these figures as progress made. With respect these figures are misleading.

What he should be able to say is that every house and business in Ireland is able - or will be able - to connect to broadband at the rate of €20-€30 per month. That is far - very far - from the case.

I have been seeking this service for the past three years but nobody can promise anything. Éircom are not really interested since they are making money on the hours I have to spend on the lamentable dial-up service that they offer. Though my local exchange is broadband enabled the condition of the lines is such that there is not a hope in Hades that I will get it from that source since they will not spend money on improving the lines.

The fact that Northern Ireland can boast that every house and business in the six counties can now receive this broadband shows the possibility is there. But Mr Fahey does not appear to be willing to look at the question in that way.

No! "Market forces" is his cry and to hell with the consequences.

And so this means that people like me, disregarded by Mr Fahey, must invest in the capital equipment to secure this essential service by satellite or radio.

I hope that Mr Fahey in future will spend time in ensuring that this service is available to all households in his constituency rather than attacking those who realise the possibilities and lament his and Mr Dempsey's failures to act for them.

Yours etc

Eoin Ó Riain, Caorán na gCearc, Baile na hAbhann, Conamara,

An Cúradh Chonnachtach 9/6/2006