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Mayor had to set up task force as he could not depend on council Dear Editor,
    I want to congratulate Brian Walsh on his election as first citizen of our city and I am expecting a positive and industrious 12 months under his stewardship. When you become mayor of your city you have a responsibility to all citizens to portray the city in a positive light devoid of any political acrimony when making public statements.
    Mayor Walsh has the ability to promote the city through commerce, education, tourism and social inclusion and he has made a positive start by setting up the Eyre Square task force. I believe it will take three or four months to go through the legalities but the decision of Mr Kingston to take legal action will prolong the agony for businesses, commuters, and visitors.
    As a former mayor I am disappointed with this outcome. Yes, I wanted a new enhanced square to regenerate and create a balance within the city as a tourist attraction. The newly elected councillors have disappointed not just me, but most citizens with their divisiveness and their lack of vision for the city. In the last twelve months, we have had debates over the simplest of issues - 40 minutes on whether the word "citizen" or "client" be used in a document. Or one hour on the wording of minutes, the personal attacks, the abandonment of meetings and so on.
    To this end, the Mayor had no option but to set up a task force and he could not rely on the coalition of power in City Hall, as most would be negative towards the project and he would have had to look outside of this for support, hence the idea of the task force.
    This might be seen in some circles as an undermining of the elected members and officials, but public opinion will have no problems with that, and anyhow the seriousness of the situation demands that we leave this discussion for another day. I hope the mayorıs initiative is successful and
    I wish him well for the year.
Val Hanley,
Former mayor of Galway city.

Galway Advertiser - 14/7/2005

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