Lá an Tobair
9 Meitheamh
Tá an litir seo scríofa faoi Lá an Tobair ag crocadh i dTí Pheadair Móir ar an mBántrach.

Tigh Pheadair Mhóir
Tigh Pheadair Mhóir

S.O.C.P. 1767/8
To: Sir William Gregory Esq.,
Dublin Castle
11th June, 1816.

    Dear Sir,

    A serious affray having taken place in this neighbourhood on the evening of the ninth instant, in which much blood was shed but no lives lost and as I requisitioned a party of the army from Galway I think it my duty as a magistrate to acquaint you for the information of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant with the details in order to prevent any unnecessary alarm to the Government. The annual custom prevails here among the lower order to meet on the 9th June which instantly ends in a row the effect always of drunkenness. As soon as I proceeded to where the meeting had assembled and with much rigour I secured two of the most active and the disturbance immediately ceased.

    But I am sorry to inform you that those two effected their escape last night having no constable or other person that I could depend on to assist me. The military did not arrive until dawn this morning and the parties concerned having information of their approach fled in all directions. I was informed that the sergt. commanding the Martello Tower near to this place was unable to assist me in consequence of a General Order as could he have afforded me a few men, I should have secured several. Affirming you of my exertions to protect this place.

    I am Dr. Sir
    your obedient humble servant
    Valentine Blake, J.P. Co. Galway.