"....it's pretty ironic that the Department of Education, which has been dealing with the teaching of Irish for more than 80 years, was not in a position to translate this report itself and had to contract an outside company to get the document translated."

Kenny renews call for Irish Language Support Corps 23 Meitheamh 2006

Foilsíonn an tAire Hanafin suirbhé ar an nGaeilge sna Bunscoileanna
"They are the ones that want to abolish compulsory Irish..."

Mary Hanifin ag Árd Fheis Fhianna Fáil 2006

"Has the Taoiseach received any communication from the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs about reflecting the will of the people in law following a referendum conducted in respect of the name Daingean Uí Chúis or Dingle in County Kerry? There is a Private Members' Bill before the Seanad at present. The Minister has been saying this matter is illegal but it is important to make it legal."

Sa Dáil 25 Deire Fomhair 2006

Ó Cuív trying to hijack the name of Dingle - Coghlan 1/6/2006

Is cosúil nach n-úsádaíonn FG aon Ghaeilge ina cuid ráitaisí féin!

CON Lá 28/8/2006

Corplár creidimh Fine Gael

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Fógra Ghlóir na Gael


Kenny spells out his vision to bring Irish into the 21st Century

Irish in the 21st Century, Athbheoigh agus Athnuaigh - Reform, Renew, Revive 11/3/2006

Dinny McGinley
Irish Language Reforms and Future

Speech and Summary by FG Gaeltacht Affairs Spokesperson Dinny McGinley TD 6/5/2006

Conradh intervention in election ill-informed and ill-judged

Enda Kenny 22/5/2006

Loss of Irish is a tragedy

Conradh na Gaeilge 24/2/2006

Attack on the Minister for Education and Fianna Fail for their attitude to the Irish language

Enda Kenny 25/2/2006

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Conradh na Gaeilge slams FG's Irish language proposals ón 22 Beal 2006 15:21

62% support Kenny's plan for optional Irish ón 30 Samh 2005 18:19

Legal Implications of FG Proposals for Irish Language ón 24 Beal 2006 17:49